Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Little Athlete

I am currently typing this blog while our little Luke is sitting up on his own! He is such a rockstar!
We are so proud and are just falling more and more in love with the mover and shaker. Did I mention, he NEVER stops moving unless he is asleep! Wait take that back we will sometimes put him in the crib and he would have turned a complete 180 degrees when we get him!

He really wanted the camera and was a little upset that I wasn't giving it to him.

Luckily he is not eating any solids, just good ol' breastmilk. Did you know that their stomachs aren't able to digest anything besides breastmilk until they are 6 months, wow! They are made to live on breastmilk alone til then! He is gaining weight at an awesome rate so there really is no need to give him solids. I always hear if you give him a full dinner of solids before bed he will sleep through the night, this is not true though so I am perfectly ok with just nursing.

He is over 17 lbs and 30 in. long, that's right the 90th percentile in length! He is getting a tooth, we are expecting it to cut through any day, that means, as you know, EVERYTHING is in his mouth.

Here are a few pics!

This is my old man face.

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Give me the camera mom!

As for the rest of the family, we are about to embark on a two income family, well kind of. I am going to training next week to be  Body Pump instructor, and hopefully be teaching this year sometime. I never thought I would be a gym rat and want to be an instructor. I was never an athlete, only did colorguard in high school but that is it. This is what I have wanted to do for so long and am now able to help people become fit and stay fit!

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