Friday, December 16, 2011

Overwhelm Me With JOY

Let me start out by saying I wish I had more time to blog and more talent. I am not a writer but love sharing my heart and some wisdom on certain things. So here we go, I am a wreck! Yes, we are all a wreck and this season, the Christmas season has reminded me more and more of why I need Jesus, because He is strong and I am soooo weak! When I was little I loved Christmas, when I was working and we had more money, I loved Christmas, but ever since we are a one income, 3 person family, I dread this time of year. The Lord is teaching me so much through these really pessimistic feelings though and I am so grateful.

For one, I am a selfish person. I am not good at gift-giving, it's not my love language, I don't want Chrsitmas gifts to be completely honest, and I am awful at buying or making things for those I love. Well, wait, I feel the obligation of Christmas to buy gifts or make gifts, when I feel like this season is about Christ and all year long I should buy things out of the goodness of my heart for my loved ones not because someone decided you must give gifts to everyone because it is Christmas. Although in this, I am understanding that I am probably the only one that feels this way in my circle, so I would really offend others if I didn't get them gifts. So God is helping me find a balance in it all.

Second, is since we have a sweet baby boy now, I am really thinking about all the traditions I want to have with our family every Christmas. One being Advent, researching it and hearing more about it since we now go to a Methodist church, I really want to celebrate this in some form or fashion as a family starting next year. Another tradition would be having a nativity at the bottom of our tree because he is the reason for the season not necessarily all the presents. Then I would love to of course every year read the Christmas story, no not about Santa, but about Jesus in Luke. Another that I would love to do later on as Luke and if we have any more children get older, is to not receive any gifts one year and put all that money towards a family or more for their Christmas gifts. This showing that we have all that we need, and others need this more. I am continually asking the Lord to bring me joy in this holiday season and less stress or resentment.

Ok, changing the subject again, Luke is 3 1/2 months old and I feel as thought our lives have never been the same. Granted yes, we have a baby and it won't be.Yet, it feels like one attack spiritually after another, it is a very hard, yet rewarding season we are in. Just as I was getting over my gallbladder issues, Luke gets a cold that turns into ear infections and horrible chest infection. It is the hardest thing to watch your little baby suffer, not being able to cough anything up, watch him with a fever, and listen to his stuffy nose and then watch him scream bloody murder as you suction out all the snot. The joy of being a mom, it's just one of those things. Yet, he is coming out of this, he is a little stuffy and coughing a little but much better, the smiles are back and giggles and shorter naps. The Lord is stronger and will not give us anything we can't handle. He is fighting for us and we are standing strong in that promise.

The family before our Turkey Day 4 mile run at the Turkey Trot.

My boys are so good lookin in flannel!

Enjoying our Thanksgiving lunch.

Luke is getting so big, he weighs 13.8 lbs and is #2 diapers! He is such a joy-filled baby, laughs, smiles, giggles, and coos all the time. I love being a stay at home mom, wouldn't want to miss any of these moments. So proud he is rolling over from front to back, he did this at 2 1/2 months! We think he is going to be walking really early! He loves his bumbo seat, his little peacock toy, and standing on any surface with our help of course. The new thing is when he is in his bumbo, he reaches and knocks over anything in his path, vitamin bottles sugar container, candles, he knocks it over and loves it. All this while chewing on the bumbo because he is getting a tooth! I can't believe he will be able to eat solids in a few months, not that we will introduce it right away. We are watching him and when he is grabbing for it, we will start with sweet potato or avocado, no rice cereal for this kid! He loves to hear his name and turns every time and smiles, and the biggest smiles sometimes are when daddy comes home, he loves him. So thankful for this little bundle of joy, he is going to do great things for people and for Jesus with his love.

Oh I forgot to mention, I am below my pre-baby weight! Thanks to eating healthy, exercising, and breastfeeding I am getting my body back. As I was going through the gallbladder pain, I was constantly researching what to do and eat and not eat when I was hurting and found incredible stuff. This blog is so helpful on living and eating as the Lord has called us to do in a health perspective. We are given this body and are called to take care of it physically as we do spiritually. What we eat and put in our bodies shouldn't be junk put whole, real, unprocessed, and healthy food. We as a family are doing a lot more organics, less meat, more nuts,  and more fruits and veggies to feed our engines with good fuel not watered down harmful junk. I believe that while this is more expensive that the Lord with provide financially as we choose to take care of these temples. Not to mention we are doing it to prevent further diseases and illnesses. While I know we are not in full control, prevention is the key instead of getting sick and living on medication.

Til next time, have a blessed and merry Christmas.
Thank you Lord for sending your one and only Son to be born in a manger to an incredible mother and father who listened to your voice and obeyed. Thank you for bringing our Savior into this world over 2000 years ago so that we may have life and have it abundantly. May we as Christ-followers seek to love, serve, and respect others this season and every day of our lives. May we put ourselves last and others first loving them as we love ourselves. We pray for your kingdom to come! We love you Dad! Amen!