Friday, January 6, 2012

4 months and counting

Ok, so I realize I am horrible at updating the blog with all things Luke. So here is the low down with the little munchkin.

Can't see it, but there is a tooth coming in on the bottom!

He is a super baby I am convinced, he has mom's thunder muscle thighs, a six pack of abs, and he has shoulder muscles. Ya, the last one is not true but it sure does look like it!
He loves to stand all the time, with our help of course. He is now 4 months and a week, so crazy how time flies!
He is sleeping great, just waking up once to eat then goes right back to sleep and wakes up at around 7-8 all smiles! I just love it, what a way to wake up, to a beautiful, healthy, happy little blessing named Luke.
As many of you know because I am such a proud momma, he is rolling over both ways now. Rather, he has learned to roll from his back to his front and hasn't rolled the other way in so long because he just loves his new trick.
He loves to laugh, he giggles at all the silly songs I sing and the faces we make, and loves peek-a-boo.
He is getting his hair in mostly on top but so cute and fuzzy!
He is doing great at the Y childcare, they love him and he takes a bottle if he is hungry, soooo helpful. This is a huge blessing, I can still have my hour or two everyday to exercise and be sane, I am addicted to endorphins. I know this keeps me healthy and makes me a better wife and mother.
He is teething like crazy, chewing and drooling on everything, bibs are now a part of every outfit. We feel it coming in, so cool!
He loves Baby Einstein and Veggie Tales, we only have one movie of Veggie Tales and I know the whole movie.
He got a new jumperoo for Christmas among many other toys, and while he doesn't last long in it somedays, he is a rockstar at that thing!
He loves his tummy time and has such a strong head.
He lights up when he sees his daddy and loves to have daddy time, so blessed to have Nick as his dad! I am so glad Nick is an awesome dad because he will be taking care of Luke for two days 8 hours a day by himself in February while I train to become a Body Pump instructor!

I am loving being a mother with every day that goes by, its crazy that a year ago on Saturday I found out I was pregnant, broke down crying, well I did. I didn't have this planned for my life, and now I look at our little boy and would never take it back. I really miss youth ministry and I know I will do it again some day and will volunteer when Luke gets older, but for now, being a stay at home mom is the best job, most important, and most rewarding job the Lord has and will ever give me.

He got his daddy's old rattle!

Santa's cutest elf!
Thank you Abba for your plan, it is so much better than we can ever fathom and can every make ourselves. You knew what was in store for our family before Nick and I ever met, and I praise you for every moment, good and bad. I praise you for the trials and the joy in every day you give us. Thank you for this sweet baby boy you have given us to raise. Let us do it well and according to your Word. You are our life, more than the air we breathe, more than the food we eat, more than all the delights in our life. Let our lives and the way we act towards others fully reflect our love for you. Let Luke see that this family, his parents love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love our neighbors as ourselves. You are so good, Holy, Righteous, King of Kings, the Great High Priest! We love you and in your Son we pray, AMEN!


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